Even on the toughest terrain, you stay steady as a rock. For a start you have 4 wheels, rather than the three offered by so many single seat ride-on-carts


On/off switch with removable key, plus a built-in device that prevents full speed take off if the throttle has accidentally been operated before turning the key switch on.

Total Control

The twist-grip speed control takes just a quarter of a turn to give you maximum speed. While a 3 position rocker switch puts you in forward or reverse mode, as well as 4mph for pavement use.


The fully automatic anti-runaway solenoid parking brake will hold the buggy on any hill.


Back the throttle off slightly to slow down, or let go completely to stop. The automatic braking system means the buggy maintains speed, even on the steepest slopes.

Tyres and Wheels

The 'split-rim' wheels are made from shock absorbing plastic. The wide pneumatic tyres are grass friendly.